October 19, 2016

Kelsey + Joleen + C + N + K + B ~ Family

I have more fall fun to share with you guys! This session was on the most beautiful day imaginable. The first day of October, and it was so warm! Of course that meant that the park was full of people, including lots of other photographers and family, but we were still able to have a fantastic session. I've been photographing this family since they were a family of four (and 3/4 I guess), and since then they've added two beautiful little girls to the mix. Sweet baby Brielle was so much fun this year...every time the family said "Cheese!" she mimicked their voices and shot me a huge grin! Hope you enjoy the photos!

October 12, 2016

Trev + Julie + Norah + Scarlett ~ Family

Oh this sweet family! I've been photographing them intermittently since Norah was just a baby, and now she's in kindergarten! Here's a flashback to my first blogged session of them! It's so much fun to watch families grow up as I photograph them, and this family is no exception. The girls are old enough now that they remember me, and it helps eliminate some nerves from the beginning of the session. This year the girls were so easy to photograph! They had so much fun flashing sweet smiles for the camera and I think it shows. I'm looking forward to next year guys! Enjoy your photos.

Nate + Amanda + Logan + Hailey + Lily + Malachi ~ Family

This family is just growing by leaps and bounds! The last time they were featured on my blog, it was for Malachi's newborn photos, so they felt that they were overdue for family photos! We met up on a sunny day in September (although with all the green it still looks like summer!) and even though it was very windy, we still managed to get some great captures. The kids had lots of fun running around the park, and hopefully everyone will be happy to see a family photo including one year old Malachi! Enjoy the photos everyone!

August 24, 2016

Laurie + Wes ~ 25 Years

This was such a fun session! I'm so used to doing family and kid sessions (which I love) that it was a real treat to be able to photograph people who didn't need constant reminders and encouragement to look at the camera. The fact that it was a session with two of my favourite people was just icing on the cake! To celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, we started out at the Mint, where they got married! It was fun reminiscing with them and seeing how much the place had changed. After that we headed downtown for some photos by the river, including some with the gorgeous sunset. It was a beautiful evening, perfect for celebrating 25 years of love! Enjoy your photos!

August 3, 2016

Sienna ~ Newborn

Oh this sweet baby! Her mama was so worried that she wasn't going to behave herself for photos, but she was nothing but an angel! A feed, a diaper change, and she slept like a dream. She went into almost any pose I put her in, and of course, flashed me some darling smiles! You never know how photos are going to go, and this session was definitely a treat!

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