December 18, 2012

Love birds

Okay, seriously, how adorable are these two? I still have a "What the heck?" moment every time I think about how my brother went from single to madly in love in less than a year, but I love seeing him so happy! Ali is the perfect fit of silly and fun for our family, and even though I could barely hear her speak a word during this shoot (darn laryngitis!), the three of us had a lot of fun at the Forks. Darryl and Ali only barely froze to death, and I think we managed to get some decent engagement photos out of it all! Looking forward to the wedding next year guys! Enjoy your photos!

December 9, 2012

Baby on the way

At the beginning of the month I headed out to Steinbach to photograph the W family in celebration of their little "sequel" who is soon due to make his/her appearance! It was the first time I ever did a complete indoor shoot, but we had a good time, and stayed nice and warm! Richard, Stephanie and Malia, I hope you enjoy your photos, and I hope your little "sequel" arrives soon!

December 1, 2012

One awesome family!

In early November I got to take my camera off the shelf again for a coworker's adorable little blended family. She wasn't asking for much, just some photos in front of a great brick wall behind her house before she moved. That's my favorite kind of shoot to do! Simple, but meaningful to the person the photos are of. Despite a grey day (and some errors on the part of the photographer! Oops!) we were able to capture a few cute photos of the family. I hope you enjoy Joelle! :)

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